The root cause of TikTok’s popularity

The root cause of TikTok’s popularity

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I am not a big fan of social media. So please trust me.

TikTok can make you spend hours, and this fact depends largely on its functionality.

The app has numerous options that enable users to create unique and interesting content without any special skills.

Although it is not a professional video editing application, it enables you to create extremely creative and attractive content.

Let’s take a look at its functions.

1. Everything is vertical

People naturally hold their mobile phones vertically. Therefore, it is not surprising that vertical video is on the rise. Although other social media still believe that they can force users to shoot in landscape mode without getting annoyed, the purpose of TikTok is to maximize the viewing experience.

By adopting a vertical format, there is also an important psychological benefit. Without flipping the phone, users can more easily connect with creators and can participate in reactions and comments in a natural way.

2. Their video is your video

Speaking of engagement, another reason to love TikTok is because it is a lot of naughty social media among them. It is not enough to discover and “like” a great video. With TikTok, you can not only share the video easily, but also download it to your smartphone. immediately!

3. Play music

Since this feature may be the most important feature, I don’t know why it is ranked third in this list. Because there is no other social media application that allows users to add music to their videos!

This feature gives TikTok a clear advantage in creating short videos, but it is not limited to this.

Most importantly, TikTok provides users with a variety of music and sound options that meet various creative needs.

4. Make it yours

And it will only get better! How many times have you watched the video with your favorite song and would you like to use it for the video? Well, with TikTok, you can!

With a few taps, you can select the songs that are played in other people’s videos and put them in your video.

5. Double fun

With TikTok, a dream has come true: collaborative video!

A popular feature is called “Duet”, which allows users to display on a split screen with friends, clones or celebrities.

This feature can add diversity to users’ feeds, provide more possibilities for creativity, and help them attract more followers.

6. Wow factor

I know I know. Today, all applications have their own set of special effects and filters.

However, TikTok is the icing on the cake.

Just watch a few videos to understand why the app offers endless possibilities for creators and be surprised by it.

TikTok has cool features and has the most exciting and easy-to-use editor on the market.

7. You know you like this

Now, this is the secret of TikTok’s marketing success. This secret has slowly become a kind of urban legend.

Although it is still a complete code, it is important that the algorithm developed by the application can provide users with first-class content recommendation services.

Not only will playlists be created based on the user’s Internet behavior, but also popular videos and popular videos that you may not see will be included to ensure you understand what’s new on the platform.

8. Everyday is a day of creation

Challenges are one of TikTok’s main attractions. This is an evil way to engage the audience.

The application helps users continue to create without having to work hard for new ideas, and proposes brilliant ideas to challenge the system daily.

The #dancingclotheschallenge and #haribochallenge have more than 43 million views. (You must fall in love with this)

#faketravel has a view of more than 163 M, and the recently added #chairchallenge, is currently sweeping the Internet.

It involves a chair. You must lift it up at a 90 degree angle. We live in unfamiliar times.

Users can also create their own challenges by naming themselves, and recent sponsors have responded to the challenges by creating their own brand challenges.

9. It’s hot now

The hashtag is an integral part of the application function.

You don’t need to spend too much time to discover current trends on TikTok and follow them.

On the “Discover” page, you will find that they are all waiting for you to browse them.

The best part is that they have many views next to them, so you can really understand the trends. (Source: Cross-border Middle Boundary Station)

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